BMW Konstantinos

This company needed to have a clear plan for the digital landscape. We developed the online shop from scratch, recompose the graphic project, and developed a solid visual style for all digital touchpoints such as social media.
Inspired by the business owner himself, we created a logo based on his name using a simple and minimal font (San Serif Light).
In addition to the logo, the corporate identity was completed by the pattern we created which is used as a background with the word BMW-MINI, so that customers can immediately understand what the company is related to.
In the process, we designed an e-shop with a modern look that is directly (bridged/connected/linked) with, products on the website are synchronized with the other without any further actions.
We created a strategic plan for the company’s social networks to unite them with its customers. The plan included creating and programming posts based on specific pillars – such as product promotion, as the company has a wide range of spare parts.

Konstantinos Kotsaridis

May, 2020