About The Brand

West Room has always been a destination for fine dining and relaxation. In the area of Thessaloniki, in a modern space of high aesthetics with absolute calm, the West Room, since 2021, welcomes you every day and promises to satisfy all your services.

Our Work

The high aesthetics and quality of the flavors of the West Room were not digitally reflected. That's where the Adrenalize team came in to solve the problem through a digital transformation strategy. We redefined the brand identity of the West Room. We created a logo inspired by the business interior design in white, black and gold. We chose the circle, to indicate the complete experience that customers will have in the West Room, because it is an all day cafe bar with a wide variety of food and drinks. We chose a classic Serif Regular font to highlight the style and status of the business. We we built a website with a minimal but very substantial design, which emphasizes the taste experience that one will have when visiting West Room. The website was accompanied by social media and graphic design for them. Our main goal was to strengthen brand awareness and to connect the West Room even more with its customers.
Social Media Management / Content Marketing