About The Brand

Spirent. gr believes that renting a car can be an enjoyable experience. That’s why they provide the best car rental deals in the market and always find the best solution for their customer's trip. Spirent offers a unique selection of brand new vehicles and the latest car models that are equipped with all the extra amenities necessary to make for a distinctive and thrilling driving experience! We build Spirent’s brand identity and its logo.

Our Work

Our goal was to give a modern creative solution based on the scope of the services that they offer. We used 3d elements, such as children's toys and colors in green and blue to convey to customers that renting a car is an easy process that exudes joy, confidence, and a mood for adventure! Wanting to keep the name legible, we used the “San Serif Condensed Bold Curvy” for the logo - a linear and minimal font. Regarding the construction of the website, we knew from the beginning that when it comes to bookings, speed is of the essence. Everyone wants a booking system that is fast and simple to use, but also secure. Spirent’s website helps its customers to book a car easily and fast, to choose the time they want it and the receiving area!